Lessons in rafting

Careers in shipping to include lessons in rafting

Lessons in rafting

Serbian students developing careers in shipbuilding have joined the #RiverFamily. Earlier this year, students and their teachers took to Lake Sava to completed lessons in rafting for the basic training of raft management and basic rescue procedures on the water. These students of the High School for Shipping, Shipbuilding and Hydrobuilding from Belgrade, were accompanied by professors of sports and physical education, Dr. Dejan Gavrilovic and M.Sc. Srecko Palezevic.

In addition to all the professional subjects in the training program for future sailors, the course requires the management of a number of complex vessels. One of the first steps in schooling is the management of vessels without their own propulsion, i.e. with the help of paddles or oars.

Within the training methodology, rafting brings great advantages, where teamwork is a primary goal for achieving success and performing complex tasks on the water. The raft has a special design adapted to sailing on wild waters with a low center of gravity and a large tread area, which ensures stability. This is one of the factors of safety on water, especially when working with beginners.

Lessons in rafting
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First steps in getting lessons in rafting into shipbuilding programmes

These first steps, but also the attached photos speak for themselves and justify this new partnership, which is slowly but surely entering the regular training plan for future sailors whose knowledge on the water is necessary in a professional sense. The training of sailors is an integral part of the strategy for the development of rafting in the Republic of Serbia, where it is planned that the trained teams of the Shipping School participate in the system of school competitions under the authority of the Rafting Asocijacija Srbije (RAS).

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