GTE Workshops / Assessments

The below lists are the authorised IRF Guide Training & Education (GTE) courses and workshops.
If a course is not listed below, it has not been approved as an official IRF Guide Training & Education (GTE) course / workshop / assessment.

If you are an instructor / assessor looking to have your course /workshop listed, contact the GTE administrator directly with all course details as listed in the template for advertising workshop details which can be found on the Instructor Resources page.

Codes used in the list below are official designations which can be found in the IRF GTE Award System document:
Short code IRF GTE Qualification
RG Raft Guide
RTL Raft Trip Leader
SK Safety Kayak
SR Safety Raft
WGA / WGB Whitewater Guide (Cat A) / Whitewater Guide (Cat B)
ES Event Safety
xxI Instructor of the Short Code before the letter “I” e.g. RGI Raft Instructor

Start DateEnd DateCountryRiver/sLevel/sQualificationInstructor/sDetails
2023-02-082023-02-09AustraliaNymboidaUp to 4RG, RTLAndy LoxtonPDF
2023-02-082023-02-12IrelandLiffey2RG, RTLEddy MeadEmail
2023-03-062023-04-07ChileTrancura & Liucura3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2023-03-062023-03-09SpainCabriel2RG, RTLEneko YarzaWebsite
2023-02-102023-02-15GreeceVoidomatis2 & 3RGYiannis HolevasWebsite
2023-03-032023-03-05AustriaEnns & Salza2 & 3RG, RTLGergely “Roy” KörnyeiEmail
2023-03-132023-03-15ChileMaipo2 & 3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2023-03-132023-03-15ColombiaSuarez3 & 4RG, RTLCesar DiazPDF
2023-03-142023-03-17EcuadorTena2 & 3RGSantiago Canala-Echevarria RamckePDF
2023-03-172023-03-19AustriaEnns & Salza2 & 3RG, RTLGergely “Roy” KörnyeiEmail
2023-03-192023-03-23MoroccoCathedral RockUp to 4RG, RTL, SKZach BassettPDF
2023-03-212023-03-23ChileTrancura & Liucura2 & 3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2023-03-242023-03-26ItalyLao2 & 3RG, RTLAndrea D’OnofrioPDF
2023-03-292023-04-02ArgentinaMendoza3 & 4RG, RTL, WGAFabian Bonanno & Mario MateoPDF
2023-04-062023-04-07ChileTrancura & Liucura3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2023-04-112023-04-15ScotlandGarry3RG, RTLJamie MacmanawayEmail
2023-04-172023-04-23AustriaSalza3 & 4InstructorSebastian LarcherPDF
2023-04-222023-05-01AustriaSalza2 & 3RG, RTLGergely “Roy” KörnyeiEmail
2023-04-252023-04-28ItalyNoceUp to 4RG, RTLVincenzo MinennaWebsite
2023-04-272023-04-29BosniaTaraConferenceInstructorIRF GTEWebsite
2023-04-282023-05-07AustriaLoferUp to 4RG, RTL, SKSebastian LarcherWebsite
2023-04-292023-04-30ItalyNoceUp to 4RG, RTLVincenzo MinennaWebsite
2023-04-222023-05-01AustriaEnns & Salza4RG, RTLGergely “Roy” KörnyeiEmail
2023-04-292023-05-12CanadaBull & White, BCUp to 4RG, RTLJames RodgerEmail
2023-04-302023-05-07AustriaInnUp to 4RG, RTLBijan ArbabEmail
2023-05-012023-05-05AustriaInn3RGMarcel PachlerWebsite
2023-05-052023-05-07AustriaEnns & SalzaUp to 4RG, RTLBéla BacsaWebsite
2023-05-062023-05-07AustriaInn3RGSebastian LarcherWebsite
2023-05-082023-05-12AustriaInn3RGMarcel PachlerWebsite
2023-05-082023-05-12CanadaKanananskis 4RG, RTL, SKWilliam HarrisonPDF
2023-05-132023-05-17USAHood4RG, RTLZach Collier & Mark HirstWebsite
2023-05-152023-05-19CanadaKanananskis 4RG, RTL, SKWilliam HarrisonPDF
2023-05-172023-05-17AustriaInn3RGMarcel PachlerWebsite
2023-05-182023-05-19USAHood4RIZach Collier & Mark HirstWebsite
2023-05-182023-05-21AustriaInn3RGSebastian LarcherWebsite
2023-05-202023-05-24CanadaKanananskis 4RG, RTL, SKWilliam HarrisonPDF
2023-05-212023-05-24USAWhite SalmonUp to 4RG, RTL, SKMark Hirst / Scott CascellaWebsite
2023-05-242023-05-24AustriaInn3RGSebastian LarcherWebsite
2023-05-262023-05-29AustriaInn3RGSebastian LarcherWebsite
2023-05-292023-06-01SpainAraUp to 4RG, RTL, SKEneko YarzaWebsite
2023-05-312023-05-31AustriaInn3RGArnd SchäftleinWebsite
2023-05-212023-05-24USAWhite Salmon2RGScott CascellaWebsite
2023-06-222023-06-30AustriaMulti4RG, RTLBijan ArbabEmail
2023-09-042023-09-07SpainGállego2 & 3RG, RTL, SKEneko YarzaWebsite

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Previous completed IRF GTE Courses & Workshops

Start DateEnd DateCountryRiver/sLevel/sQualificationInstructor/sDetails
2022-09-012022-09-01NorwaySjoa2 & 3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2022-09-012022-09-03GreeceNestos2WGAYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-09-022022-09-06GreeceEpirus_Aherontas & Aoos2WGAYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-09-052022-09-08SpainGállego2 & 3RG, RTLEneko YarzaWebsite
2022-09-072022-09-07GreeceEpirus_Aoos2WGAYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-09-052022-09-10ItalyNoceUp to 4RG, RTLFabian Bonanno & Vincenzo MinennaWebsite
2022-09-082022-09-10GreeceNestos2WGAYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-09-092022-09-25AustriaEnns & Salza3 & 4RG, RTLGáspár GönczEmail
2022-09-192022-09-20AustriaHaiming3RG, RTLSebastian LarcherEmail
2022-09-222022-09-25BiHVrbas2RGAleksander PastirPDF
2022-09-272022-09-30SpainMijares2 & 3RGEneko YarzaWebsite
2022-09-292022-10-02BiHTara2 & 3RG, RTLMirko DavidovićPDF
2022-09-292022-10-02SloveniaSoča2 & 3RG, RTLMatej ZaplatelEmail
2022-09-292022-10-06ZambiaZambezi3 & 4RG, RTLSebastian LarcherEmail
2022-10-032022-10-05ItalyLao2 & 3RG, RTLIgor SperanciniPDF
2022-10-072022-10-09EcuadorMacas3RG, RTLGabriel GarbinPDF
2022-10-142022-10-16ChileTrancura & Liucura3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2022-10-172022-10-21ScotlandAberfeldyUp to 4RG, RTLMike Smith & Eliot MaddocksEmail
2022-10-202022-10-22WalesNorth Wales2 & 3RG, RTLTom ParkerEmail
2022-10-212022-10-24BrazilPapagaio3RG, RTLGilson Jonas GonçalvesEmail
2022-10-232022-10-23GreeceNestos2WGAYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-10-242022-10-24GreeceNestos3 & 4RG, RTLYiannis HolevasEmail
2022-10-242022-11-22ChileTrancura & Liucura3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2022-10-262022-10-29ZambiaZambezi3 & 4RG, RTLVincenzo MinennaWebsite
2022-10-282022-10-30EcuadorNapoUp to 4RG, RTL, SKGabriel GarbinPDF
2022-11-032022-11-07NorwayEvje TrollaktivUp to 4RG, RTL, SKZach BassettEmail
2022-11-042022-11-08ArgentinaMendoza3 & 4RG, RTL, WGAFabian Bonanno & Mario MateoPDF
2022-11-022022-11-03ZambiaZambezi3 & 4RG, RTLVincenzo MinennaWebsite
2022-11-242022-12-04ThailandSong Preak2 & 3RGToni PoljakEmail
2022-11-272022-11-30ArgentinaJuramento3 & 4RG, RTL, SKFabian BonannoPDF
2022-11-282022-12-01ChileMaipo / Andes Soul3 & 4RG, RTLMauricio FernandezPDF
2022-12-052022-12-09ChileCautin2 & 3RG, RTLPaulo Cartes OrtizPDF
2022-12-202022-12-22ChileFui3 & 4RGAldo Del PugliaEmail
2023-01-162023-01-20Brazildas Brancas2 & 3RG, RTLGaltierre BuenoPDF
2023-01-192023-01-24IndiaManali4RG, RTL, SKMark Hirst / Tsering ChotakPDF
2023-01-292023-02-03IndiaRishikesh4RG, RTL, SKMark Hirst / Tsering ChotakPDF
2023-02-012023-02-05IndiaAlaknandaUp to 4RG, RTL, SKJérôme GhidiniEmail

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Additional historical workshops can be found on our website here.

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