How to renew your IRF GTE certification

How to renew your IRF GTE certificate:

All certificates expire three (3) years after issue. Renewal requires proof that the renewal requirements listed in the GTE Award System have been satisfied, and payment of relevant renewal fee(s) has been made.

Process to renew:

  • Provide evidence of at least 10 trips in the last three years at the level of your award.  This can be in the form of a letter from a company you work for, or from your logbook
  • Copy of your current first aid certificate (issued within the last three years)
  • A clear digital photograph of your face (including shoulders)
  • Confirm your date of birth
  • Payment of renewal fee(s)

Once your evidence and payment have been received and reviewed, you will be issued with a printable certificate and card in PDF format.


IRF GTE Certificate Renewal Fees
Guide or Trip Leader Certificate renewal$30.00 USD
Multiple certification renewal$15.00 USD per additional certification
Instructor Certificate renewal$0.00 USD
Late renewal per year$10.00 USD per year expired plus above renewal fees
Replacement certificate$10.00 USD

If you have more than one certificate due for renewal, you must pay the renewal fee for the first certificate and $15.00 USD for each additional certificate. For example:

Raft Guide AND Safety Kayaker Certificates$30.00 USD + $15.00 USD = $45.00 USD
Trip Leader AND Safety Kayaker AND Event Safety Technician$30.00 USD + $15.00 USD + $15.00 USD = $60.00 USD
You can make secure online payment using credit or debit card or by PayPal:
GTE guide and trip leader renewals

Includes options for multiple GTE certificates and late renewal fees

Pay any amount using:

Late renewal:

Renewals made more than six (6) months after the expiry date are required to pay an additional $10.00 USD late renewal fee for each year that the certificate is expired.

We send automatic email reminders three, two and one month before your expiry date. If your email address has changed since you certified or your last renewal, send us your new details using the form below including date of birth and certificate number to update the system.

Further information:

Further questions can be directed to GTE Administration: