River safety articles and videos

Having fun on the rivers is what its all about to many of us, and being safe while doing it can mean having fun memories or having great regrets for the rest of your life. The IRF has been bringing you some river safety tips on a regular basis now and we’ll continue doing this. We hope you enjoy and learn from them and that it keeps you all safe and better experienced while doing the sport we all love.

River Safety Articles on our website:

  1. Weirs – nice to play in? Or deadly – can you tell the difference?
  2. Team Strategy by R3 Rescue for River Runners
  3. Clean Lines on Throwbags by Neil Newton Jones| Swiftwater Rescue
  4. Swiftwater Swimming by R3 Rescue for River Runners
  5. Life jacket or buoyancy aid? Know the difference by Guy Dresser | Royal Canoe Club
  6. Using Throwbags for Rescue by R3 Rescue for River Runners
  7. Effectiveness of bystander CPR in drowning cases by Neil Newton Taylor
  8. How to make contact with a person needing rescuing by R3 Rescue for River Runners
  9. How to safely and effectively use the quick-release harness on your life jacket by R3 Rescue for River Runners
  10. Live bait river rescue – an advanced rescue technique
  11. Boat wraps and pins – mechanical leverage
  12. River Anatomy
  13. Live bait river rescue, an advanced form of rescue
  14. How to coil a throw rope quickly – by NRS
  15. Communication signals for paddlers
  16. Safety Talks – getting it right! Part 1
  17. Safety Talks – getting it right! Part 2
  18. Throwbags – some are better than others
  19. Booking a rafting trip
  20. Extracting boats after wraps and pins
  21. Pulley systems
  22. How to fit a pfd properly
  23. Foot entrapment – Part 1 – self rescue
  24. IRF guide certification scheme gets recognition in top tourism report
  25. Safety kayakers
  26. Foot entrapment – Part 2 – assessments
  27. Foot-entrapment – Part 3 – skills
  28. Putting rescue skills to use on the water
  29. Top tips about prusik knots
  30. Personal responsibility with river safety
  31. Are you carrying the correct emergency equipment?
  32. Is the colour of your helmet important?
  33. Choosing the correct throw bag
  34. Keep it clean!

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