The remit of the Athletes’ Commission is to represent all rafting athletes in the sport of Raft Racing.

Bylaw 47 - Athletes' Commission
  1. Athletes’ Commission shall consist of seven (7) members including a Chair.
  2. The duties of the Athletes’ Commission are:
    1. To represent the athletes in the sports related decision making bodies of the IRF.
    2. To act as a mediator between active athletes and the IRF Organisms.
    3. To represent the athletes in sport related meetings of the IRF Administrative Committees and Sub-Committees.
    4. To form the official opinion of the athletes concerning actual issues and to pass resolutions of the athletes.
    5. To work for the athletes’ representation in the IRF Member Organisations.
    6. To appoint when necessary, a spokesperson to represent the athletes during IRF Competitions.
  3. All proposals by the Athletes’ Commission are ratified by the IRF Board of Directors.
Bylaw Annexes to Article 47
  1. The Athletes’ Commission is elected as follows:
    1. Three (3) representatives from the European Region, two (2) representatives from the Pan American Region and two (2) representatives from the Asia/Oceania Region elected by athletes.
    2. The election shall take place during the IRF World Rafting Championships.
    3. The election process and the counting of the votes will be monitored by an independent individual.
    4. The Athletes’ Committee Chair is elected from amongst its elected members.
    5. IRF Member Organisations will be informed about the election two (2) months prior to the World Rafting Championships, and the candidates must be submitted to the IRF at least 5 weeks prior to the World Championships.
    6. An athlete is eligible to vote, propose a candidate or be a candidate if they participated as a competitor in their country’s last IRF Race Rule compliant National Selection, or the previous or present IRF World Rafting Championship.
    7. Proposed candidates for the Athletes’ Commission must approve their candidacy before they become a confirmed candidate.

Committee members:


Aleš Danek

Aleš Danek

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Athletes' Commission - Chair

Aleš Danek

  • Chair of Athletes’ Commission

Alex is 41 years old,. He’s been rafting since he was sixteen and for the last 10 years has been a member of team HIKO, a top Czech raft team, in fact, were the World Champions at WRC 2018 in Argentina and have medaled many times.

He sees this committee as a good opportunity for the opinions and comments of the athletes to be collected and to be voiced within the IRF. He feels it will be positive if the other committees on the IRF will be able to hear from the Athletes what they think and to discuss their opinions and proposals. He believes it will be helpful for the IRF and for rafting in general.

Ine Skjorten

Ine Skjørten Wilson

Committee member no photo

Dragan Babic

Pan America:

Johanna Arguello

Johana Arguello

Lucas da Silva (Core)

Lucas da Silva

Asia / Oceania:

Committee member no photo

Kris Kingston

Paul Eames

Paul Eames