Rafting Operator Accreditation launched

The IRF’s Rafting Operator Accreditation (ROA) was recently launched with the issuing of its first accreditation to Cardiff International White Water (CIWW). CIWW is home to the UK’s very first on-demand Olympic standard White Water Rafting and Indoor Wave facility. Their 250m white water course is designed for rafts, canoes and kayaks. Besides offering white water and flat water fun for all, CIWW is also an accredited professional training provider offering a range of internationally recognised courses. Their high standards and focus on professionalism made them a perfect first candidate for our Rafting Operator Accreditation.

Rafting Operator AccreditationROA Overview

ROA is a credential issued by the IRF to operators that offer rafting guided or instructional services. The purpose of the system is to provide a means of recognizing operators that meet or exceed internationally accepted safety, quality, and environmental standards. The process consists of a period of self-evaluation against published standards, a peer-review by an expert committee, and a site-visit by a trained assessor.

“We had hoped to launch ROA in 2020 but the pandemic stopped that plan. So we are very pleased to have launched it now with CIWW as the first operator to be accredited, and already working with others on their accreditation.” says Chair of the ROA Committee, Gabriel Côté-Valiquette. “We feel a system like ROA has been needed for a long time. It is a way for operators who are following international best practices to get recognition and differentiate from competitors who are not.”

Improving Operations

The ROA system will also help developing operators who would like to improve their operations through the self-evaluation assessment. This assessment will help them identify gaps in their systems and improve their operation.

In time the ROA will also offer assistance through templates that will be easy for operators to adapt to their own operations. These templates will range from suggested equipment lists (First Aid, rescue, repair, etc) to report templates, equipment and vehicle logs, trip planning, pre-booking lists and questions, and much more.

Rafting Operator Accreditation a boost for operators

“From a guiding point of view, this accreditation will give attention to the operators who spend time and money training up their guides to internationally accepted standards and keeping them well trained and up to date. Therefore it is a good boost to those operating with properly qualified guides.” says Mark Hirst, IRF Guide Training & Education Secretary.

If you are interested in getting the ROA accreditation for your operation email Gabriel on IRF Admin.