Anti-Doping Committee

The Anti-Doping Committee is a sub-committee of the Sport & Competition Committee.

The remit of the Anti-Doping Committee is Anti-Doping.

  1. The Anti-Doping Sub-Committee shall serve under the Sport and Competition Committee and is responsible for ensuring that the IRF substantially complies with the recommendations and requirements codified by the World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA).
  2. The Anti-Doping Sub-Committee Chair shall be appointed by the IRF Executive Committee. The IRF Executive Committee, the Athletes’ Commission Chair, and the appointed Chair then shall appoint additional sub-committee members which should include a legal advisor, independent athletes, and other constituents who are familiar with anti-doping issues.

The Anti-Doping Sub-Committee is charged with the following tasks:

  1. Create and oversee an IRF Anti-Doping Program (ADP) which includes rules and procedures that are designed to keep IRF sanctioned events in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the WADA Prohibited List, and any other relevant WADA precepts.
  2. Continuously evaluate and update (when necessary) the ADP.
  3. Ensure that all IRF Member Organizations are aware of the ADP and agree with its terms and conditions.
  4. Develop and implement effective methods for communicating the ADP to IRF Member Organizations and their athletes. This includes (but is not limited to) the development of plain-language documents that provides teams, athletes and coaches with a simple overview of testing procedures, prohibited substances and other relevant information about the ADP; and to make this information easily accessible to athletes and the general public through the internet and other means.
  5. Provide any needed support or information to IRF event hosts with regard to the ADP and WADA.
  6. Create credible, independent Anti-Doping Panels which will oversee the ADP during IRF sanctioned events and will be responsible for the following tasks:
    1. Develop fair, economical, and credible methods for selecting a pool of athletes for testing.
    2. Oversee the safekeeping of samples and test results gathered by Doping Authorities.
    3. In the case of positive tests, administer sanctions as directed by the ADP, and conduct fair hearings if sanctions are protested.
    4. Inform WADA, IRF Member Organizations and national Anti- Doping Authorities about any positive tests.
    5. Gather and compile statistics on test results.

Committee members:

Bert Kanora photo

Bert Kanora (Chair)

Eric Boudreau photo

Eric Boudreau

Joe Willis Jones photo

Joe Willis Jones

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Peter Micheler

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