The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is recognised as the legitimate world governing body for rafting. Since 1997, we assist the global rafting community – sport, recreational, commercial, environmental and sustainability organisations – to advance all avenues and concerns of rafting.

We are a non-profit, democratic, global affiliation of national federations and sporting entities. Together we are responsible for fostering fair, credible and legitimate international rafting competition at all levels, and leading in raft guide standards the world over.

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Sustainable Raft Racing in Indonesia: A Model

During the 2015 World Rafting Championships on the Citarik River in Indonesia, Rafael Gallo, one of the founders of the IRF and former IRF President, included time during the event for competitors and volunteers to plant trees. This action also planted a seed in Amalia

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Samana Fest 2024!

Hi friends and fellow paddlers! The Samana Fest is back! Once again, we have taken the event to the next level and it’s a pleasure for us to invite you to take part in the 2024 Samana Fest! The dates are 11 to 17 th

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