The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is recognised as the legitimate world governing body for rafting. Since 1997, we assist the global rafting community – sport, recreational, commercial, environmental and sustainability organisations – to advance all avenues and concerns of rafting.

We are a non-profit, democratic, global affiliation of national federations and sporting entities. Together we are responsible for fostering fair, credible and legitimate international rafting competition at all levels, and leading in raft guide standards the world over.

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Sustainability in Rafting

Sustainability in Rafting webinars – RECAP

If we want to live in a healthier and cleaner world, we have to unite and work hard together. Our great rafting friend helped us with that! He organized 2 webinars for us that absolutely everyone could attend.. In these 2 webinars, the IRF together with

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Guide / Safety

Welcome to the family

The amount of GTE workshops is making a significant come back post covid which is comforting news. I was shocked to receive a call asking to assist on a GTE workshop in Norway in early November. Instantly I said yes & then I found my

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