Board of Directors

In accordance with Article 8 (2) of IRF Bylaws, the Board of Directors (BOD) is composed of Executive Officers and Administrative Committee Chairs who are elected by the Congress. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the IRF, and for determining the Annexes to Bylaw Articles, and general policies which affect the entirety of the IRF, within the confines set forth in the Bylaws.

IRF Executive Officers

Joe Willis Jones photo

President and Chair of Board of Directors

Eric Boudreau photo

First Vice President,

Chair of Sport & Competition

Gaspar Goncz photo

Second Vice President,

Chair of Guide Training & Education

Jasmina Marčok


Sue Liell-Cock photo

Secretary General

IRF Administrative Committee Chairs

Chair of Athletes’ Commission

Goran Lolic photo

Goran Lolic

Chair of Judges’ Committee

Aleksei Shirokov photo

Aleksei Shirokov

Chair of International Relations Committee

Emilia Begunova photo

Emilia Begunova

Chair of Recreational Rafting Committee

Kianoosh Mehrabi photo

Chair of Sustainabilty Committee

Sean Clarke photo

Chair of Media & Marketing Committee

IRF Honorary Officers

Rafael Gallo photo

Honorary President (2019 – 2021)

Peter Micheler photo

Peter Micheler
Honorary President

Pieter Bekkers photo

Pieter Bekkers
Honorary Member