International Relations Committee

The remit of the International Relations Committee is to promote rafting in all nations.

  1. The International Relations Committee is charged with advancing ARTICLE 5, Section 2 of the Bylaws, and shall serve as consultants to the IRF Board of Directors and the IRF Executive Committee on all IRF policies and decisions that are related to International Relations.
  2. The International Relations Committee shall be appointed by the IRF Executive Committee and the Committee Chair.
  3. The Chair of the International Relations Committee shall be a duly elected member of the IRF Board of Directors who has experience in developing policy and directing issues related to international relations.
  4. The International Relations Committee shall submit proposals and budgets for the development of International Relations.

The International Relations Committee will be responsible for the following areas of concern:

  1. Organise the work of recruiting new IRF Member Organisations.
  2. Prepare and guide the IRF towards membership in strategic international umbrella sports organisations.
  3. Develop relationships between the IRF and other international sports organisations, and further the expansion of IRF influence and recognition. This may include attending general meetings in affiliated international organisations, writing official letters/emails, and meeting with IOC, Sport Accord, or other umbrella sports organisation representatives.
  4. Work towards having rafting be accepted as an IOC recognised sport.
  5. Research and prepare statistics on competitive and recreational rafting around the world.

Committee members:

Aleksei Shirokov photo

Aleksei Shirokov (Chair)

Peter Micheler photo

Peter Micheler

No current photo

Jakob Faerch

Aleks Pastir photo

Alex Pastir

Sean Clarke photo

Sean Clarke

Dusan Jokic

Yuni Yunita photo

Amalia Yunita

No current photo
Joe Willis Jones photo

Joe Willis Jones

Sue Liell-Cock photo

Sue Liell-Cock