China welcomes raft racers

Looking for rafting company to add Yushu on the Tibetan plateau, China, as their next travel location

Last year a very successful IRF rafting World Cup event was held in Yushu on the Tibetan plateau (Qinghai-Tibet)

Yushu on the Tibetan plateauIt is a great location for rafting with fairly easy logistics and varied options for different levels of rafting. And the region itself has great potential as a tourist destination with plenty of interesting cultural places to visit, stunning scenery and the potential for other adventure activities such as mountain biking, hiking and horse riding.

The Yushu government are looking for global rafting companies to grow the city’s rafting business and contribute to the rafting industry development within the city. Read the full information here.

This is a great opportunity for a company to expand into new territory and to contribute to a wonderful, friendly cities future in the tourism world.


Yushu on the Tibetan plateau

A quote from a top New Zealand rafter: “We were surprised by how beautiful Yushu on the Tibetan plateau was and if we had known it was so awesome we would have spent a couple of days longer exploring and maybe even hiking into the hills!”