2020 World Fair Play Awards

Call For Nominations – 2020 World Fair Play Awards

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The International Fair Play Committee is calling for nominations for the 2020 World Fair Play Awards!

The International Fair Play Committee’s mission is to draw the attention of the world to the outstanding examples of fair play attitude and good sportsmanship in sports. The Committee presents awards annually in four categories – Act of Fair Play, Career in the spirit of Fair Play, Promotion of Fair Play, Fair Play Trophy for the Youth – respectively to athletes, teams, journalists, sports officials and organisations all over the world.

If you were a witness of such fair attitude, please send candidatures for the 2020 World Fair Play Awards!

Dear Partners, dear Friends of Fair Play, The International Fair Play Committee try to keep alive the ideas of Olympism and ethics of Fair Play in the shadow of Covid virus, trusting that this virus will be ended sooner or later and sport life will continue to flourish again. Sport is one of the fundamental part, we can say the basic of the ideas of Fair Play. We will to preserve it by all means in the future and for which it is essential to present good examples. This is yours and our tasks, too and I would like to ask for your kind support for this. Because of the strong Covid situation, we were not able to organize our Award Ceremony this year, according to our plan we would like to hold this Gala on 7 September 2021, on the World Fair Play Day. Of course, the Award Ceremony of the 2020 winners will traditionally be held, hopefully, at the end of the year in 2021. I really trust that in this fight threatened by the virus, we all agree that strengthening of sport, ideas of Olympism and Fair play are of high importance. Thank you in advance for your honorable nominations. I wish good health to all of you and take care,

Jenő Kamuti, President, International Fair Play Committee
2020 World Fair Play Awards

2020 World Fair Play Awards categories

The International Fair Play Committee awards distinctions for fair play under the following four categories each  year:  

  1. Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy 

– to an athlete, or a team, for an act of fair play that cost, or could have cost  his/her victory, or could have downgraded his sport performance;  

  1. Jean Borotra World Fair Play Trophy 

– to a person for his/her remarkable general attitude showed all along  his/her sport career, for an outstanding and constant spirit of fair play, for  observing the unwritten rule of sport not to take advantage of an opponent’s  bad luck;  

  1. Willi Daume World Fair Play Trophy 

– to a person or organization for an activity aiming at promoting  fair play by organizing national or local campaigns, giving lectures, writing  articles in the press, or making comments on the radio or television; 

  1. Jacques Rogge World Fair Play Trophy for the Youth 

– to an athlete, or a team UNDER 20, for a gesture of fair play 

The CIFP awards are the following in the ascending order of merit:  

  1. Letter of Congratulations 
  2. Diploma of Honour
  3. World Fair Play Trophies 

The Trophies and Diplomas of Honour are presented to the laureates in a ceremony held every year. 

Fully substantiated candidacies for 2020 World Fair Play Awards can be  submitted by the 15th of February 2021 to:  info@internationalrafting.com

Any questions about the nomination process or forms can be directed to us via our website here.

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