Aleksa Kojadinović memorial raft race

A fitting memorial for Aleksa Kojadinović in Priboj

The third memorial raft race for Aleksa Kojadinović was held in Priboj, Serbia on the river Lim. Normally this IRF Euro Cup and Serbian National Cup is held in the spring with a hope of the new year and fresh racing ahead. 2020 as seems normal now, decided that would not be the case. Due to travel and health restrictions the race was held in a chilly November but with just as much enthusiasm from the athletes and organisers as ever.

Full race results can be found here.

With this competition, we are ending the competition season for 2020, which was quite turbulent. We hope for a calmer next year in order to participate in as many competitions as possible and organize them, at the highest level. Thanks to all the competitors and people of good will without whom nothing would be possible!

A smaller than normal number of teams attended due to the travel and health restrictions but the memorial for Aleksa Kojadinović was still held. We all look forward to the 4th Aleksa Kojadinović memorial race in 2021.

View more photos of the race by Miroslav Mandic here.

View the original article of the Rafting Association of Serbia’s website here.

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