Help save the Karnali while racing on it for 5 days!

Dear Rafting Friends, we got the invitation for this amazing event! Would like to use this opportunity to invite you all to help save the Karnali while racing on it for 5 days! Below you can find all the info!

The Mission “The Great Karnali Quest – sacred river corridor raft race is on, in order to Save the Karnali – the most pristine and last free flowing River of Nepal”, this river is seriously under threat, the Govt. of Nepal has given the licenses for 3 dams on the mainstem of the Karnali, they have not started the construction yet and need to act on this asap and give our best to save this gift of the Mother Earth.  Once these 3 dams go ahead then there will be irreparable losses in terms of flora and fauna and aquatic biodiversity, social and cultural losses will be so huge, this world class River for Rafting and Kayaking will be gone forever. The endangered species such as Golden Masher fish will be gone, the freshwater Dolphin and Ghadiyal crocodile will disappear, and wildlife like Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant and Rhino will be very much affected, the entire Bardia National Park which is known for among the best Tiger sighting National Park in the world will be very much affected. The threat of climate change and global warming bring even much bigger risk and worries to all living entities.

To bring the world’s attention and an awareness campaign to river communities, politicians and policymakers of Nepal, we are organizing this great event – The Great Karnali Quest – sacred river corridor 248 km raft race on November 23rd to 28, 2023 on Karnali River. Prior to the race on 22nd and 23rd there will be 2 days of Karnali Conservation Seminar and River (civilization) Celebration, many Dharma Gurus from different faiths will come and perform the River Ritual. The scientists will present their papers and we hope to see them create a meaningful dialogue with science and fact based evidence to help to make the decision on the fate of Karnali.

The Raft Race will start in the morning of 24th Nov. and finish on 28th by the Birdia National Park. The big volume Karnali with many Grade 3, 3+, 4 and maybe a couple of 4+ on that water volume on the first 2 and half days and rest are easy 2s. This looks like it will be the longest raft race in the world; we hope to get registered in the Guinness book of World Record as well. We would like to INVITE you to witness this great event, please make your time.

We are getting good interest from different countries’ teams, and we’re also promote this meaningful event through our IRF social media, webpage and invite world rafting communities to participate on the race .

Please go through our home page the online registration is open now, there are FAQs as well. This will be a self-contained expedition style down river stage race with R6 + 1 safety kayaker on each team, using a 16′ raft and harness for camping and food supplies. We will put the best safety possible, and the team.

You can find the Itinerary HERE

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You can also contact Megha Rivers on email:

Together we are stronger!