Presented Work of the Sustainability Committee of the International Rafting Federation

An expert forum entitled „Recreational programs in the function of health“ organized by the Association „Sport for All“, Belgrade, under the auspices of the „City Secretariat for Sports“, was successfully held on Friday, March 10, according to the presented program. Several interesting lectures from a wide range of sports, recreation and physical education were held within the forum.

The expert forum is primarily organized for the purposes of licensing sports experts. In general, the topic is recreational activities, and most of them focus on outdoor activities. At this event, in addition to the presence of listeners from national associations, there were also guests from abroad.

As part of the forum, one of the lectures was from the field of environmental protection under the title:

„The Importance of Ecology Commissions in National and International Sports Federations“.

Lecturer Vladimir Miletić, PhD, a member of the Committee for Sustainability of the International Rafting Federation, presented the work policy of the IRF and the National rafting federation as its equal members. On this occasion, some of the recommendations for solving the ecological problems of rivers as unique ecosystems were given.

The lecture left a strong impression on most of the listeners, who became interested in future cooperation and work on nature protection.