IRF’s GTE System upgrades make it cheaper

The IRF Guide Training & Education (GTE) System has recently had its cost structure, certification and card issuing process overhauled

In the days before social distancing – GTE course in Romania

In this time of so much bad news we’d like to bring you some good news. The cost of IRF GTE certifications has reduced!

The system has been simplified so that guides get their cards and certificates much faster. From now on each person who has completed the certification process will be sent, by GTE Admin, a certificate combined with a card. This will allow those who need cards or certificates to present to employers or put up on walls as proof of certification to have them sooner.

The really good news is that by simplifying the process we can reduce the fees we are charging by US$20! So the new fees will be (and remember, this is for a 3 year period!):

  • Guide Assessment fee – US$40.00
  • Trip Leader Assessment fee – US$70.00
  • Instructor Assessment fee – US$130.00

Renewals for Guides and Trip Leaders, however, will go up by US$5 to US$30, but they will receive their personalised certificate/card immediately when they complete the renewal requirements.

Where guides have multiple assessments at one time they are to be charged the higher fee for their assessment plus US$15 for the second qualification. For example: Raft Guide with Safety Kayaker – US$40 plus US$15 = US$55.

This change-over came into effect from 1 Feb 2020.

The hope is that reducing the certification fee will make it even more accessible by many around the world, especially  in developing countries where the need to increase river running and safety standards is paramount so as to ensure the health and sustainability of the rafting tourism industry.

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