GTE instructor update 2024 to be held in April in Ecuador

The IRF’s GTE Instructor update 2024 will be held in April 2024 for all existing IRF instructors who can travel to Ecuador to attend the update.

The goal of the update is for IRF instructors to share the current global best practices within the rafting industry. The update will also give instructors the opportunity to update their knowledge of the IRF GTE system and standards which were recently updated to include the new Whitewater Guide Trip Leader.

Details of the GTE instructor update 2024 are:

● Level: II-III-IV.
● Place: Cotundo, Archidona, Province of Napo. Ecuador.
● Date: April 17 and 18, 2024


The following five days will be an IRF Instructor Workshop for all inspiring new instructors and/or those Provisional Instructors looking to complete their final assessment. Additionally there will be a Rescue3 WRT PRO and WRT REC on the days after the Instructor workshop.

Details of each workshop are: