Ziyuan China postponement

IRF World Rafting Championships 2020 (China) postponed

As much of the world finds itself in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, China is in the position of having practically eliminated community transmitted COVID-19 infections, and we have found ourselves faced with the same issues that the Olympics and many other sports have been facing over the last few weeks.

The IRF Executive Committee and WRC Organisers have discussed the realities of the situation, and supported by IRF BOD, the Athlete’s Commission and Sport & Competition Committee, have come to the conclusion that the IRF’s 2020 World Rafting Championship must be postponed to after 2020.

The main reasons that formed this decision are as follows:

  • The IRF believes that our sport must not in any way be a factor that could endanger the health and safety of our IRF family or their loved ones
  • Athletes in most countries are restricted in being able to train as a team, and some are so restricted that even keeping fit has become an issue. Therefore they are unable to prepare effectively
  • Many athletes and federations will be affected by economic slow down, loss of income and the volatility of exchange rates which will impact on team’s abilities to attend the WRC any time this year
  • The dynamics of international travel are uncertain which means the inability to effectively predict what travel restrictions may still be in force when flights must be bought and visas must be obtained is highly restrictive

The IRF are continuing to work with the WRC Organisers and IRF committees on potential options for the future.

We will announce our steps forward with this as soon as we have concluded them.

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