IRF’s 2020 Race Rules now available

The IRF Sport & Competition Committee have concluded the annual updating of the Race Rules. The new rules come into effect from the 1 March.

The majority of the changes are under the H2H section, which is not surprising as this new format is still getting a few crinkles ironed out. The changes can be seen in the following document which shows where the changes have been made – IRF Race Rules – March 2020 with track changes. The key changes are listed below:

  • Definitions of “Inside the raft” and “Sportsmanship” have been added.


  • The Team with the faster time in the Sprint is awarded the choice of Start Lane. So times in H2H races no longer dictate choice of start lane.
  • Under H2H safety – competitors are not allowed to intentionally exit their rafts at any time during the H2H race except under the following situations:
    • Their raft is firmly grounded on a rock or other obstacle and cannot be ungrounded by other means.
    • Exiting their raft is necessary because of a clear and obvious safety hazard.
  • There is now a 50 second penalty instead of disqualification for disregarding the H2H safety rules.
  • Teams will be disqualified if they take longer than 15 mins to do the entire course. This time can be shortened by the Jury if needs be.
  • Rules around sustainability have been added as well. The inappropriate discard of rubbish during an IRF Event is considered unsportsmanlike behaviour bringing the sport of rafting into disrepute and so can be penalised.

See you on the race courses!

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