The Great Karnali Quest – 242 kms of epic Downriver racing!

Karnali, the longest river in Nepal, is recognized as world class for whitewater rafting and is still the last free flowing river in Nepal. It originates from the base of mount Kailash, flowing across the beautiful landscape of Nepal before dispersing into the Ganges River.

The Great Karnali Quest- sacred downriver raft race (probably the longest downriver raft race in the world) will be an incredible experience of a lifetime. It would be 242 km of raft racing in the most pristine Himalayan river. This event aims to promote the Karnali Region as a wonderful destination for Eco-adventure tourism. The Great Karnali Quest is not only about the rafting challenge, it’s a campaign to raise awareness amongst the global community to conserve the natural rivers before they are destroyed.

Megh Ale, a well known rafter in Nepal, who is vice-president of Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) and the coordinator for The Great Karnali Quest says the event is being organizing by NARA and the Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT), in collaboration with Himalayan River Guide Association of Nepal (HRGAN) and Nepal Kayak Club (NKC). He was also the leader of the first ever scientific expedition of the Karnali River.

The Great Karnali Quest has been selected as one of the twelve lifetime experiences by the Nepal Government for “Visit Nepal 2020”.

The event is 25 to 30 November 2020 in Rakam Karnali of Aathbish Municipality, Dailekh district. The race distance covers 242 km of Dailekh, Surkhet, Achham and Kailali districts.

  • 1st Day: Rakam Karnali to Tallo Dhungeshwor, 45.2 km race distance
  • 2nd Day: Tallo Dhungeshwor to Scorpion Beach Kollimora, 50.5 km race distance
  • 3rd Day: Scorpion Beach to Red Rock Canyon, 50.1 km race distance
  • 4th Day: Red Rock Canyon to Solta/Mohanyal Campsite, 46.1 km race distance
  • 5th Day: Solta Campsite to Daulatpur Ghat Campsite, 50.1 km

The Great Karnali Quest aims to create awareness among global communities to conserve the free flowing rivers before they are all destroyed.


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