WADA Anti-Doping course mandatory for WRC 2022 athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) officially accepted the IRF as a signatory of the WADA Code in October last year. This historic step is in alignment with the IRF’s strategy of making rafting a more officially recognised sport in the international sporting world.

The IRF is unequivocally opposed, on ethical and medical grounds, to the practice of doping in sport. The IRF fully supports the position of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against the use of banned substances and methods.

Part of the IRF’s commitment to anti-doping in sport is to educate rafting athletes, coaches, managers and other followers about doping in sport. With this in mind the IRF has committed to ensuring all A and B level athletes complete WADA’s courses on offer on their Anti-Doping Education and Learning (ADEL) Platform.

anti-dopingWADA ADEL course

All World Rafting Championship 2022 athletes must register and complete the ADEL E-learning program: “ADEL for International-Level Athletes”. Coaches, managers and supporters are encouraged to also complete the course  so they too are up to date.

Follow this link for full details and steps to be taken. Managers / coaches / supporters are welcome to do the course too – being better informed can help prevent unnecessary problems.

IRF Individual Membership

All athletes must complete their registration to become Individual Members of the IRF so the IRF can keep track of their anti-doping compliance. Over time the IRF will be expanding what it offers to Individual Members, adding in coaching and judging webinars, skills videos and much more.

In-competition testing

Doping tests have been carried out at IRF events since WRC 2014. There will be in-competition testing during WRC 2022. Athletes are tested immediately after a discipline and are selected according to a set selection plan. Testing stations are set up for easy testing with professional testers.

Anti-Doping out of competitionOut-of-competition testing

Since the IRF became a WADA Code signatory, there is out-of-competition testing. Some federations are already used to this testing. It is the responsibility of all federations, athletes, managers, coaches and supporters to be aware of what this means to them.

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