Team Sparta from Kazakhstan

Kaz 3The team of six regular guys who loved extreme sports and leisure was formed in June 2014. None of us realised it was the start of something that would go on so long and that it would become the passion of our lives!

After the first raft trip on the rivers in the mountains of Kazakhstan, our team saw something more than just a leisure or extreme sport – we saw the potential and realized that we can achieve success in professional rafting! This is our second year of Kaz 1paddling with passion and enthusiasm.

Our achievements: for two seasons we have won every possible award for an amateur team and so we moved to the pro team Series A. We were pretty good in the pro team events too but our coach keeps saying that we still have lots more to work on.

Kaz 2We have more than just a team, we have formed a whole brotherhood on both the water and on the land. Our motto : we are family – no strangers! Team Style – trust and cooperation. The main principles of team interaction: “People can be trusted, people can help.” In other words: “One for all and all for one.” we have one passion and all problems we solve together. Everyone knows their job what they are responsible for. We help each other with joy. The relationship of our team is very close, warm and informal. Everyone is willing to help. “It’s not part of my duty” are words that are impossible for our team. The Best Family- is the family team!!