Local Dajak Klub teams ready to welcome rafters from around the world

Dajak Klub are keepers of the Banja Luka traditional Dajak boats, and this year they have two local teams at this, their local World Rafting Championships. They are competing with an Open Men’s team and a Masters Men’s team. In the Open Men’s team it is Dragan Babić, Igor Studen, Dejan Markovic and Djorđe Trninić. In the Master’s Men it is Igor Kuzmanović, Andrej Zamolo, Nebojša Tadić and Dragan Bijelić.

Dajak boat
BiH MM competitor in a traditional Dajak boat

The club was founded with the aim of preserving the tradition of the local Dayak boats. As a side activity, rafting was added, which, thanks to their desires and friendships, has grown into a top sports story in their city of Banja Luka. Considering that they all grew up on the water driving boats it was easy to put them in a raft and thus organise training.

The club’s story began 12 years ago when they gathered for the first time after the World Cup in Banja Luka. Since then, they have participated in the World Rafting Championships in NZ, Indonesia and the UAE. As well as at the European Championships in Banja Luka (twice), Slovenia and Slovakia. As well as a large number of Euro and World Cups, with China a particular favourite.

Dajak klub OM
Dajak Klub OM on the Vrbas river

Having in mind that there are a lot of good rafters in their club, they decided to make two equal teams that can be competitive in this year’s championship. Also, these two teams train together and in that way force each other to give their best. They started training in January and every week they have five workouts on the water and three in the gym. It is quite simple for them to arrange training because they all live in the same neighborhood and it is easy to organise. On weekends they usually go to the canyon for training where they practice on the white water.

At the event this year they hope to hang out with friends from other countries that they haven’t seen for a long time due to the pandemic. They also hope for good races and enjoying one of the best organised competitions.

As they are local teams from Banja Luka they recommend to their fellow athletes and WRC supporters to visit the Kastel Fortress in their city centre, Banj Brdo which is a 431 meter hill as well as tourist and recreation place, plus they recommend ethno village Ljubačevo, and going to the site seeing place at the top of Canyon Tijesno. Most of all they recommend the natural spa centre Vrućica with thermal water because “Banja Luka” translated into English means “Spa Port” because Banja Luka has a lot of thermal water and they have the traditional Dayak boat that was used for transport of goods upstream and downstream. And when you put those two together you get why the city is named Banja Luka :).

“Foča and Canyon Tara is one of the best of the best places for people who like nature and wild life.” says Dragan Babić, captain of the Open Men’s team. Beside the Canyon he recommends visiting the big WW2 monument and one of the biggest battlefields in Tjetinšte. Also to visit the biggest mountain in BiH, Maglić, and lake Trnovačko in that mountain. And for those who have time for travel to visit the legendary city of Trebinje and Mostar.

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