Mandala Team hailing from Argentina

The Mandala Team are five friends hailing from the Mendoza region of Argentina and ready to represent their country as the Open Women’s team. The team is made up of Agua Leiva, Pascua Pithod, Antonella Urbina, Daniela Maldonado and Denise Martinez.

Mandala TeamThey all got into rafting in their adolescence. At the moment they are all rafting guides and kayakers. They have all individually (with other teams) participated in the Argentinian Rafting Championships, Pan-American and World Championships in Argentina, Costa Rica and Dubai.

They usually manage to train almost all week long always trying to respect nutritional aspects and understanding that resting days are as important as the training days. Twice a week they go to the gym, and at least three days a week they are paddling (on the river or lake). They are also fortunate to have a lot of people helping them, such as personal trainers for the physical, technical and emotional aspects.

When in BiH tey are looking forward to visiting some of the tourist places around there, and getting to know another culture.

When we asked Agua what they were most looking forward to at the event she emphatically replied “Winning!!” :)

Here is more about each team member:

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