Haraz Rafting Festival – Iran

Haraz Festival peopleThe Iran Rafting Association is launching a great initiative in the form of a Rafting Festival. The festival will be held from the 17 to 22 May on the Haraz River in the Mazandaran Province.

The main aims of the Festival are:

  • Haraz Festival floatTo promote River Ecotourism and Safe and Standard Recreational Rafting in Iran
  • To develop river conservation in Iran
  • To develop river and flood rescue in Iran
  • To make local people familiar with river activities and related employment
  • To introduce rafting for all; including kids, families, athletes etc
  • To introduce “Women Entrepreneurship” in river tourism

Haraz Festival RaftKianoosh Mehrabi, the developer of this festival, is on the IRF BOD as the Co-Head of the Recreational Rafting & Conservation sector of the IRF and says that the longer term aims are to encourage other countries and regions to do the same thing and so to build up to holding an international festival one day which can be held at different places around the world.  It would be a great opportunity for all those in the river industry to get together and share knowledge and experience and so to grow and develop this wonderful activity we all so love.

Full details of the Haraz Festival