In order to save the planet, and leave a clean one behind, we need more river guardians. One person is not enough for one river, everyone needs to know that they are the owner of the title of “guardian”. The river from the source to the mouth has freedom and its own nature, where it

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Announcing ERC 2023 is back at Lipno!

We are very excited to announce we are returning to Lipno for our ERC 2023! Dates for event: August 28th – September 3rd 2023 Location: Czech Republic River: Vltava River Nearest town/ city: Lipno nad Vltavou Hosts: Union of boaters of the Czech Republic (SVoČR) SVoČR are one of the most experienced event organisers and

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5 beginner tips to know about rafting

While white water rafting is an exciting activity, it has its inherent dangers. It is considered an extreme sport due to the level of fitness required, along with there being a real risk of injury, or even death. This means that this is not a sport that you can simply delve into without the proper

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A credible Euro Cup destination for Cornișa Cup 2021

By Mihai Mares We are happy to introduce to you Romania as the newest european country with an artificial whitewater channel! And just last week we held the Cornișa Cup 2021 on its waters. After six years of planning and construction and careful safety assessments Cornișa AquaPark and Sports opened its pumps for tourists in

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Win a new ARK Inflatables 2021 Prawn Solo Adventurer and a Croc

The IRF has partnered with ARK Inflatables to offer one lucky winner two amazing ARK Inflatables 2021 whitewater crafts! African River Kraft’s (ARK Inflatables) rafts are well known to the IRF and many people will recognise some of their famous designs and use in World Rafting Championships over the past decades. Our history with ARK

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Rafting dictionary - Bio Bio river
Guide / Safety

Rafting dictionary – know your boof from your bootie

Communication is key to ensure a rafting trip is safe, fun and memorable for all the right reasons. We’ve pulled together this short Rafting Dictionary with some of the more common terms you’ll hear on a rafting trip. This article is not written to replace a Safety Talk or indeed raft guide training but can

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Tour rafting

Taureau – Quebecs Class V beast

Boasting 25 KM of continuous Class V the Taureau Section of the Jacques-Cartier River is one Quebec’s toughest sections of whitewater and this Class V beast certainly lives up to the hype. Checkout the adventure as Pascal Girard and his crew take on some incredible drops. Located just outside of Quebec City, the Jacques-Cartier River

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