In order to save the planet, and leave a clean one behind, we need more river guardians. One person is not enough for one river, everyone needs to know that they are the owner of the title of “guardian”.

The river from the source to the mouth has freedom and its own nature, where it allows us to use all the beauty.

Garbage dumps are not the result of climate change, we need to be guardians of our environment.


Eco system, recycling, plastic waste, all this is a rough game for rivers and nature, which is gentle and mild only if we treat it like that.

We would like to know more about the guardians, who do it quietly and selflessly. Rafters, adventurers, swimmers, all users of nature, who rent space for a certain period of time.

In all corners of the world there are silent guardians of rivers, let us know who they are, so that we can show them our gratitude.

You can send us your suggestions and names of wonderful guardians by email or leave a comment on our social media.

Nature is our home.