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Age divisions for World Rafting Champs 2021 confirmed

As announced earlier, the IRF has completed the renegotiation of contract dates for the World Rafting Championships (WRC) 2021 and 2022, that resulted in our rescheduling the 2020 China and 2021 Bosnia World Rafting Championship events. …

IRF World Rafting Championships 2020 (China) postponed

As much of the world finds itself in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, China is in the position of having practically eliminated community transmitted COVID-19 infections, and we have found ourselves faced with the same issues that the Olympics…

Bounding into 2020!

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you all had a Festive Season that rejuvenated you for the coming year. Our calendar is already building up fast with the key events to highlight: Guide Training & Education (GTE) Instructors Conference:…

IRF’s World Cup Series 2019 draws to a close in Indonesia

The 2019 World Cup Series saw only 2 events this year due to unforeseen circumstances causing the World Cup in Georgia to be cancelled. The first was in China at the Pre-Worlds, and the second was in Indonesia on the Silokek River recently. The…

Ziyuan is ready to welcome athletes one year from now

One year from today, the International Rafting Federation and the peoples of Ziyuan will welcome over 600 athletes, support crew, and officials along with countless spectators to the white water of the WuPai River. The countdown is on! From…

Wet and wild WuPai ready for the IRF World Rafting Championships 2020

The very successful and historic IRF Pre-Worlds 2019 have drawn to a successful close with 31 teams from 16 nations competing on the majestic Wu Pai River in Ziyuan County in southern China. Teams from across the globe came together to test…

Busy second half of the year for the IRF

With our two major events already done and dusted teams are relaxing and enjoying some of the other events on our race calendar, plus there are quite a large number of national selections happening. And there are plenty of guide assessments…

China 2019 Rafting World Cup now accepting team applications

The city of Ziyuan will once again throw open its doors and welcome teams from across the globe to the Ziyuan Rafting World Cup - this event will also be the 2020 IRF WRC Pre-Worlds event. Raft race teams are now invited to apply for registration…


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IRF World Rafting Champs 2021

IRF World Rafting Championships 2021 - Ziyuan, China