Sustainability in Rafting webinars – RECAP

If we want to live in a healthier and cleaner world, we have to unite and work hard together.
Our great rafting friend helped us with that! He organized 2 webinars for us that absolutely everyone could attend..

In these 2 webinars, the IRF together with Jean-Claude Razel suggests we pause for a moment to think about how we will be living on earth in the near future. As mired in consumerism and distractions as we are, while we navigate humanity’s existential crises, we need to move towards transition. Even in hard times, we can make choices based on the inconvenient truth we all face, connect to the vibrant tribe of all living creatures, use our position of leaders in the rafting world and find purpose to engage towards a desirable future.

In case you missed the webinars, no worries..👇

Link to Webinar #1: a diagnostic of the Anthropocene –

Link to Webinar #2: solutions for the future of adventure travel and rafting –