We have some new army of Rafting Guides!

The training and certification for white waters guides, organized by the Kanjon Rafting Club and with the financial support of UNDP, was successfully completed. Nine participants out of a total 29 received licenses, which will enable them to perform the work of rafting guides according to the rules of the IRF.

They remind that the IRF GTE rafting guide certificate is recognized and accepted in over 50 countries around the world and in many countries it is necessary to register and practice as a whitewater rafting guide.

“Everything went according to plan, although we were accompanied by quite severe weather conditions. It was very cold, which is unusual for this time of year, however all participants in the training took it very well.” said Aleksandar Pastir, President of the Kanjon Rafting Club.

“The course went quite well, without any problems” – said IRF instructor Davor Kos, emphasizing that all the candidates followed the course of the entire training with great dedication. “This time it happened that there were a lot of candidates from different professions, from rescue guides to members of Civil Protection, but everything turned out great in the end.”

Just keep Rafting – you’re now even more safe!

Photos from Extreme Serbia and Rafting Klub Kanjon 💚