The organiser had somethings to say about the event:

“Last sunday, 11th of september, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and
Minority Sports, the Basque Rafting section, organized in Itxassou, in France, French
Basque Country the I.Basque Country Championship of Rafting (Downriver). There we
went 8 young from to do a rafting race, the I. Basque Championship of Rafting, down
the river. We made two teams and with the help of two Itxassou guides we traveled
about 7 kilometers down the river.

There wasn’t much water and at some point we got stuck on some rock, but the
guides helped us. As for the race, although at the beginning there was alternation from
the second half of the route the Ausartak team took the lead and Bizkaitarrak although
they tried, they could not catch up.
The experience was very good and our idea is to organize the Basque
Championship of Rafting once a year (In Itxassou, Asturias or Huesca), preferably in
the months of march or april so that there is more current and water in the river.
On the other hand, we will talk to the IRF and we will try to organize a Basque
Open on other dates, at least every two years, to invite other Rafting fans from Europe.
Finally the race was won by Ausartak with a time of 52:31. Bizkaitarrak needed 31
more seconds.”

We agree with the organizer’s conclusion, and we congratulate them on their success.