Cornisa Rafting Euro Cup 2023

#Cornisa EC has reached third edition as a fun and entertaining event!

Live music, live TV media full time coverage, fully catered event for the teams and a loud end race party complemented the 4 usual disciplines of Sprint, Head2Head, Slalom and Downriver.

Special mention for the ~Take a Banana~ Race in which freshly combined teams raced in search of bananas and candy through colored smoke screens and floating foam barriers, all with a big smile on the face :D

Many, many thanks to the hosts #CornisaAquaPark&Sports who put up A LOT OF EFFORT for this race, to the teams competing, to the media, judging and logistic teams and of course to the spectators from Botosani city who came to cheer on their favoured teams.

Sprint race was taken by the Outdoor Events team of raft guides based in Brasov and Suncuius cities, followed by West Boys team which turns race by race into a powerful young team holding strong to the podium of every race they compete on.

Vointa Arad team completed the podium and the ladies race saw Vointa Arad Fete winning ahead of Marea newly formed team.

Head to Head was as spectacular as always, with a sad note for the local spectators who had to witness a direct race between the two local teams, Cornisa Team and DAO RT Team. Podium was identical to the Sprint one for both ladies and gents races.

Slalom race consisted of a 12 gates (8 + 4) course with a couple of new challenges included, meant to surprise the teams who were here at the previous editions.

The battles were nice to watch and the podium has the West Boys team surpassing Outdoor Events Team with a gap of 2 seconds, both teams scoring only 5 points penalty. Third place went to Vointa Arad team and the ladies ranking stays unchanged, with Vointa Arad fete on top.

Downriver consisted in 3 laps for the Men category and 2 laps for the Ladies category. Biggest tactical challenge (and the most spectacular to watch part!) was the exit from the lake which was slippery enough to see teams sliding, falling back, swimming or missing one as the running started.

Outdoor Events Team picked up the pace and led West Boys by a consistent 21 seconds gap at the finish line, ending the competition in the first place followed by West Boys and Vointa Arad.

Ladies competition was won by Vointa Arad Fete, followed by Team Marea.

After some rest the teams were invited to race again!

This time with random team mates, mix of paddles, gender category and experience and aiming to collect a mandatory bag of candy per team plus as many bananas as they can collect in a Le Mans Start Downriver race.

Colored smoke screens and a foam cannon aiming at the passing teams were unannounced surprises which added to the fun and joy, bringing the whole race to a smiling end for all competitors and bystanders.

Award Ceremony was led by the host of the event, the Director of Cornisa Complex and Directia de Sport si Agrement Botosani, Mr. Eugen Cristian Turcanu who awarded the cups, champagne bottles and prizes after which he invited all to a night long DJ Party at Crazy Pub.

We wish the following editions see more international teams and a higher level of competition, all supported by a very nice team of hosts under the authority of Mr. Turcanu who was kind enough to arrange a fully catered event for all team.

Special mention and a big thank you to the sponsors of the event, the friends of rafting: the city of #Botosani #Zuzufit #ZAZ #Cornisa  #Cotnari #Decathlon #MaresOutdoorEvents #RAPGroup #GrindProd #ArcaRaftingCamp as well as to the judging, logistic and safety team members.

Kudos to you all!

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