Wiley E. Waters hits the Spokane twice a year for river clean up

Wiley E. Waters partners with the Spokane River Keeper at least twice a year to clean up unnecessary waste in the Spokane River. Teams meet up late in the summer when the water lowers, and the shoreline becomes exposed on the River in Spokane, Washington state, USA. Crews bring about three rafts, usually snagging over 1000lbs (450 kgs) of trash that would eventually end in the river when the water rises in the Spring. One of our goals at Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting is to help preserve the rivers we hold so close to us. The Spokane River is a whitewater hot spot conveniently located downtown in the heart of the city. Making sure locals and travelers see and enjoy the river at its best inspires us to get out there and do our part.

Wiley E Waters River Clean UpSince Wiley E. Waters is one of the few rafting outfitters in Spokane, their stewardship of the river is crucial. They partner with private boaters, setting up clean-up days, encouraging anyone to bring their boat or kayak, and find when others see us picking up large amounts of waste, they become more inclined to clean up their own. Being a community resource for the river is one of the reasons they have built such strong roots with locals. 

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Find out more about the IRF’s sustainability efforts on our dedicated Sustainability page or delve into our practical guide to sustainability for rafters.

Wiley E Waters River Clean Up Wiley E Waters River Clean Up Wiley E Waters River Clean Up

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