IRF GAISF Observer status renewed for two years

A message from IRF President, Joe Willis Jones:

GAISF Council renews the IRF GAISF Observer Status for another two years

To our IRF member organisations, rafting clubs, athletes, associates, officials, coaches, and friends:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the news that the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) Council has recently voted to renew the IRF GAISF Observer Status for an additional two years.

As you know, the IRF applied for GAISF Membership in 2018, and was subsequently awarded GAISF Observer Status for a two-year period beginning in October 2019. This two-year renewal will allow us to continue to receive valuable assistance from the GAISF Administration/Membership Unit in fulfilling GAISF Membership criteria.

GAISF is the umbrella organisation for International Sport Federations. The IRF is very appreciative of being awarded GAISF Observer Status and the many benefits that it includes. We are particularly grateful for the many opportunities and invitations that have allowed us to network with the GAISF family and leaders in global sports.

GAISF states that “The GAISF Observer Status aims to assist and accelerate the International Rafting Federation (IRF) efforts to become a GAISF member, in particular by helping to develop the number of National Federations recognised by National Olympic Committees (NOCs) or by the Highest National Sport Authorities (NSAs).”

The IRF BOD and Committees have been working hard during the last two years to continue the progress on the completion of GAISF Membership requirements. Even though this task has been complicated due to the global pandemic that has negatively affected all sports, we have made significant progress, including our recent acceptance as a WADA Code signatory. We expect our progress will continue in the coming year as the world begins to return to normal.

GAISF Observer Status is a key component for the continued success of the IRF and for the sport of rafting. We look forward to the coming years, working with GAISF to unite all rafting stakeholders, and acting together as “One Voice for all Sport”. Those of us involved in the process want to extend our sincere appreciation for your patience and continued support throughout this journey.

Congratulations to all. I am, you are, we are IRF.

Sincerely and with respect,

Joseph Willis Jones
International Rafting Federation – President


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