IRF 2024 Congress dates announced

In coordination with the WRC Organising Committee, the IRF Executive Committee has scheduled the IRF 2024 Congress Assembly for 28 May, to be held in Banja Luka, BIH.  To assure maximum attendance of IRF Member Organisations, the IRF Board of Directors had previous voted that the Congress will coincide with the 2024 World Rafting Championships that is taking place in the same location.

The start time of the Congress will be finalised in the coming weeks. We anticipate that the Congress will last approximately 2-3 hours depending on the finalised agenda.

The Executive Committee realises that everyone’s time is very valuable and that for some, in-person attendance may not be possible. For Member Delegates who are unable to attend the Congress in person, facilities will be available so that they may attend virtually. 

The Congress will be as streamlined as possible, with the focus being on items that need discussion and/or votes. The Executive Committee encourages all Member Organisations to contact the IRF Secretariat at at your earliest convenience with the name(s) of your attending delegates.

As per Article 27 of the IRF Bylaws, each IRF Full Member, IRF Executive Officer, and IRF Committee Chair may submit proposals to be considered at the Congress.  Proposal Submissions may be made by email to the IRF Secretariat.  The Executive Committee urges all proposal submitters to carefully read Article 27 of the IRF Bylaws to ensure that proposals are submitted timely and correctly. Below are the key provisions of Article 27:

When must proposals be submitted?
    1. Provisional proposals must be submitted at least two (2) calendar months before the date of the IRF Congress.
    2. Any proposals that are submitted late may be rejected.
How is a provisional proposal determined if it is suitable to add to the Congress agenda?

Provisional proposals are presented to the Executive Committee who may then:

    1. Ask for additional information or clarification
    2. Return a proposal for revision
    3. Reject an unsuitable proposal
What provisional proposals may NOT be included in the Congress agenda?

Provisional proposals may not be included if they:

    1. Do not fall under the jurisdiction of the IRF Congress
    2. Are not clearly written in English
    3. Are not submitted in the correct format
    4. Are repetitive of existing Bylaws, rules, or policies
    5. Are deemed to be offensive, illegal, or might jeopardise the name, reputation, or standing of the IRF.

 After the unexpected disruptions over the past several years due to the Covid pandemic and other world events, we look forward to once again seeing you at an in-person IRF Congress!

Warm Regards,
IRF Executive Committee
IRF Board of Directors