New GTE Committee

We welcome our new GTE Committee members

Despite the pandemic, the IRF’s Guide Training & Education (GTE) System has continued to grow in leaps and bounds across the globe. In order to keep up with the changing GTE environment, we regularly review the make up of the GTE Committee and so it is with great pleasure we welcome our new GTE Committee members.

The GTE Committee is still lead by Gáspár Göncz, IRF 2nd Vice President, and extensively supported by Mark Hirst of Lapin Koskikoulu as our GTE Secretary.

Sebastian Larcher

New GTE Committee member: Sebastian Larcher

Sebastian will be known to all who attended the recent IRF GTE Instructor Conference as the driving force behind the development and launch of the new IRF GTE Whitewater Guide Award. Sebastian has also recently completed his GTE dissertation to become the latest addition to our pool of highly qualified and experienced GTE Assessors. We welcome Sebastian and his extensive experiences on rivers in Europe and Africa.

Ena Buenfil Zamudio

New GTE Committee member: Ena Buenfil Zamudio

We welcome Ena to the GTE Committee as an inspirational conservationist and protagonist in getting women involved in rafting. Ena has been an active IRF Guide since 2010 and Instructor since 2014. She recently held a women only GTE course designed to encourage women into raft guiding as a career and hobby. Ena presented at our 2018 White Water Safety Summit on the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol in rafting.

Fabián Alejandro Bonanno

New GTE Committee member: Fabián Alejandro Bonanno

Fabián has been delivering GTE workshops for over ten years now in Central and South America and Europe. As a Raft and Kayak Instructor, Fabián brings a wealth of experience and positivity to the GTE Committee.

Ensuring the GTE Committee represents all Instructors and Assessors across the globe, the committee has representation from countries as diverse as Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Nepal, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand amongst others.

The recent growth in the GTE System has seen the number of courses bounce back to pre-pandemic levels already and on course for delivering more GTE certifications worldwide than 2018 which was our highest number of certifications to date.

Find out more about your GTE Committee members on our dedicated GTE Committee page.

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