APTAE joins the IRF as an Associate member

The Peruvian Association of Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism and Specialised Tourism (APTAE) is the guild of adventure tourism in Peru. They are the Peruvian union that aims to disseminate, encourage and promote adventure tourism, ecotourism and specialised tourism in the country. We welcome them as Associate Members.

APTAE History

APTAE was born on October 29, 1981 with a group of businessmen who decided to represent the tourist activities that were emerging in the 70’s that needed to be recognised and promoted, such as walking, boating, climbing, among others. Thus being the first union interested in tackling the problems of adventure tourism. After the difficult time that tourism went through in the country due to the presence of terrorism, the union was reactivated on January 24, 1995. Currently they make important contributions in the promotion, regulation, technical opinion of standards and resolutions in the sector tourism. They are considered by the State as one of the most important tourist associations in the country, and here is their Board of Directors.


Provide support and tools to its associates and the State, to consolidate the development and promotion of responsible tourism in Peru.


As of 2021, APTAE is a leading institution and a reference for the development and promotion of responsible tourism at the national level.


  • Promote sustainability and responsible tourism, establishing conditions so that the good practices of tourism operators can contribute to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and expressions of cultural identity in the destinations where the activities are carried out.
  • Encourage compliance with quality and safety standards in adventure tourism, ecotourism and specialised tourism, which the operators offer in our country.
  • Encourage domestic and receptive tourism through the formulation of development strategies for an adequate tourism offer.
  • Strengthen before the government and the market the promotion and dissemination of adventure tourism products, ecotourism and specialised tourism, in our country and abroad.
  • Represent associates before government authorities, local authorities and other national and international institutions, managing various issues of interest.

APTAE keep the adventure tourism world up to date with Covid-19 protocols, as well provide support to its associates in order to optimise their efforts in the implementation of good sustainable practices. They offer them concrete tools and facilities so that they can all be aligned and share the same Responsible Tourism philosophy.

They seek to establish appropriate conditions so that the practice of tourism in Peru is carried out in a responsible manner, prioritising the sustainability and conservation of their natural ecosystems, as well as their heritage. They promote adequate compliance with quality and safety standards in the services offered by adventure tourism and / or ecotourism operators.

Their aim is to provide IRF guide training workshops and to get their rafting guides IRF certified. Their longer term aim is to ensure they have enough local IRF Instructors so as to continually ensure all their guides are trained and certified to the IRF’s internationally recognised certification standards.

APTAE are members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

Welcome APTAE. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.