Sport and Sustainability International

Sport and Sustainability International advancements

Last month we were invited to the Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). As full sports entity members we took part in the discussion for future projects. We were also invited to speak regarding the linkage with our other partner the United Nations Framework for Climate Change (Sports for Climate Action).

Sport and Sustainability International
SandSI active members in attendance

The mission of Sport and Sustainability International is to accelerate sustainability in and through sport across the globe. This is achieved by initiating and promoting exchanges between athletes, sporting stakeholders and non-sporting stakeholders alike, to drive impactful and measurable changes.

Whilst having aligned with the Paris 2015 Agreement and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SandSI wants to maximise the contribution of sport to fight against climate change through three key priorities and goals:

  • CLIMATE: the sport sector to become Carbon Neutral by 2030
  • WASTE: the sport sector to become Zero Waste by 2030
  • HEALTH: the sport sector to contribute to 15% reduction on physical inactivity by 2030.

One of the key programmes that SandSI has launched, and the IRF has full access to, is the SDG Sport Lab, a creative platform to use sport as a common language to encourage, share and foster the implementation of the UN SDGs. The Lab helps discover ground-breaking practices toward sustainability in the strategy, operations and communication of sport entities. More than that, it also provides a platform to drive impactful innovation as well as meaningful and collective actions.

We look forward to working more with Sport and Sustainability International and sharing best practice with the #riverfamily across the world. In the meantime, we thank all IRF members and supporters for their continuing efforts in achieving sustainable goals.

Read more about the IRF’s commitment to sustainability on our dedicated Sustainability page where we also provide real world examples of how to become a more sustainable rafter.


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