Sustainability in Rafting webinar

Sustainability in Rafting webinar available to book now

Following great success with our Persian language Sustainability in Rafting webinar, we once again bring you the highly regarded webinar, this time in English.

Sustainability has a broad appeal not just to rafters. This was evidenced by the prestigious attendees at the Persian version of the Sustainability in Rafting Webinar. The first webinar was in Persian, and this second one will be in English, with the aim of delivering more in other languages soon.

The webinar is two hours long and starts with an introduction to rafting, and then moves on to sport and tourism. It looks at the UN Sustainability Goals and the IRF’s Practical Guide to Sustainability. It then moves on to various aspects of Global Warming and Climate Change, and the plastic problem.

The webinar touches on the IRF’s 2011 World Rafting Championships, which were the first certified carbon neutral world championship sports event. Sustainable and unsustainable development of rafting and river tourism in different countries will be looked at and then a focus on certain countries’ past, present and future sustainability before the conclusion.

We welcome you to join us in this next installment of this hugely successful webinar.

Sustainability in Rafting Webinar details are:

  • Date: 24 May 2021
  • Time: 17:00 CEST
  • Language: English
  • Cost: $10.00 USD

Register here for the Sustainability in Rafting webinar:

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