Renew your GTE certification

Renew your GTE certification quick and simple

Travel restrictions, local lockdowns, and business closures have made it difficult to renew your GTE certification this last year. We understand how frustrating this can be so we’re trying to make the renewal process quicker and easier for you.

How to renew your GTE certification:

  • Provide evidence of at least 10 trips in the last three years at the level of your award.  This can be in the form of a letter from a company you work for, or from your logbook.
  • Copy of your current first aid certificate (issued within the last three years) that meets IRF GTE requirements.
  • A clear digital photograph of your face (including shoulders).
  • Confirmation of your date of birth.
  • Payment for IRF GTE Renewal fee of $30.00 USD (any additional certifications are $15.00 USD each e.g. Raft Guide Level 3 and Trip Leader Level 2 would be $45.00 USD).
  • Once your evidence and payment have been received, you will be issued with a printable certificate/card in pdf format.

All of these documents and payment need to be submitted to the IRF GTE Administration.
We aim to produce new certificates and update the IRF GTE database within a week of receiving your accurate submission and payment.

Current First Aid Certificate

We updated our First Aid Certificate requirements in 2020 – read the full details here.

The requirement for a current First Aid Certificate is the most challenging aspect for most people throughout the pandemic. Especially for a course that is delivered face-to-face (not online). We recognise these challenges and if you write to us with all other documentation up to date and pay the fee, we will renew you for three months to give you time to renew your First Aid Certificate. You can then send us your new First Aid Certificate and we will update and reissue your certificate for the full three years. At no extra cost.

Waiver of late renewal fees

There is normally a $10 per year (or part thereof) fee for each year that you don’t renew your GTE certification. For any certifications that expired in 2020, we will waive this fee if you complete your renewal process before the end of March 2021 (all required documents submitted and renewal fees paid).

Want to learn more about the IRF GTE system? Check out our GTE FAQs here.
Alternatively, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.