GTE First Aid requirements

IRF’s GTE First Aid requirements updated

The IRF looks for ways to improve the standards of rafting around the world. This includes GTE first aid requirements. The international recognition that the IRF’s Guide Training System receives is proof of this.  IRF certified Guides need to renew every three years to prove they are still actively guiding to the minimum requirements and that they have an up-to-date First Aid qualification that includes CPR.

In this day and age we usually applaud courses that are run online, as reducing the need for travel is good for the environment. However, the one course that cannot be done 100% online is First Aid with CPR. The IRF’s Guide Training and Education (GTE) committee discussed this and were in unanimous agreement that CPR is an essential part of the First Aid certification and it is not possible to assess if someone is doing this correctly unless you are physically in the same place. Therefore First Aid courses that are completely online are not acceptable.

Based on this the GTE Committee have made some changes to the IRF’s GTE System First Aid requirements. Below are the revised requirements needed to prove you hold a current, valid, IRF approved First Aid Certificate (FAC):

  • Raft Guide, Inline Raft Guide, Safety Kayak, and Event Safety 1 & 2: Standard First Aid certificate – minimum course duration 8 hours, must include CPR
  • Raft Trip Leader, In-line Raft Trip Leader, Event Safety 3, Instructors, and Assessors: Advanced First Aid certificate – minimum course duration 16 hours, must include CPR
  • The certificate must show the dates of when the course was taken, and the certificate must be less than three years old
  • IRF GTE does not accept First Aid certificates that are valid for more than 3 years, or certificates for First Aid courses that are/were 100% on-line
  • A copy of the card or certificate must be provided as proof and must ideally be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the assessment/re-assessment date

GTE resource documents have been updated in accordance with this GTE first aid requirements review. These documents are

  • Pre-workshop Letter from Instructor to Participant
  • Assessment Guidelines for Workshops, and
  • Debrief Form for Trip Leaders.

These documents and all other GTE documents can be found in the GTE Instructor’s Resources section of our website.

Maintaining high standards in safety is something we should never compromise on. The updated GTE first aid requirements are part of the IRF’s ongoing commitment to improving rafting safety for everyone.

Happy and safe paddling to you all!

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