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IRF Instructors Conference – Update

The annual IRF Instructors Conference is being held in Argentina this year – a great opportunity for the Instructors in this region to update their certificate according to IRF requirements.

Location: Argentina, River Alumine, Villa Pehuenia

Date: 1-2-3 November 2018

Registration link

Host and Organizer: ARAFT, Mario Mateo:

IRF Representatives: Joe Willie Jones – IRF President; Gaspar Goncz – IRF Vice President, Head of GTE

Total Cost: 270USD  (120USD Organization + 150 USD Accommodation/meal)

Deposit: 50USD by paypal to

Registration deadline: 10th of October 2018

Language of the Conference: English

Pre-requisite: IRF Instructor Certificate

Goal of the Conference:

  • Update Instructors regarding current IRF practice and standard
  • Discuss and find solutions for current challenges of IRF GTE,
  • Share Industry best practice and knowledge
  • Socialise and network with lead characters of rafting educators

Please note:

  • There will not be any IRF certification or recertification process
  • Nor instructor or assessor assessment for new candidates at the conference.
  • Participation is reserved for certified IRF Instructors and provisional instructors.
  • Participation at the Instructor Update is part of the IRF Instructor renewal process

Logistics and Program:

  • 31st of October 2018 – Arrivals, Meeting Participants at dinner
  • 1st of November 2018 – River based activity and class room activity
  • 2nd of November 2018 – Class room activity
  • 3rd of November 2018 – River based activity
  • 4th of November 2018 – Morning check out
  • (4-10 of November 2018 – World Rafting Championships on River Alumine)

Accommodation and Meals:

  • Accommodation link
  • Restaurant link
  • 150 USD to be paid to the organizer prior the event
  • Included:
    • 4 nights of accommodation: 31-1-2-3
    • all meals from 31st of October dinner to 3rd of November breakfast
      • Breakfast at the hotel
      • Box Lunch: Sandwich or pasta salad + beverage + fruit
      • Diner: entrance + main plate + dessert, different every day
    • Not included:
      • Drinks, alcohol and snacks
      • Special accommodation or room request need to be negotiated with the organizer
      • Special meal request need to be negotiated with the organizer


  • 120 USD to be paid the IRF representatives upon arrival
  • Included:
    • rafts, paddles, equipment transport to the river
    • classroom
    • IRF registration of Instructor Update
  • Not included:
    • Airport pick up or transport to the location – contact the organizer for help or share transport
    • transport to and from the river will be arranged within the group of participants
    • personal river equipment
    • personal insurance

Please contact Gaspar Goncz (Head of GTE) if you would like to:

  • Add a topic to the Conference Agenda (something to change or discuss in the AS)
  • Be one of the presenters (You have an interesting topic with major benefit for the Conference and you are an extraordinary presenter)

All other question please contact the organiser, after filling the registration from here.

The above info in PDF form.