R6 OW champs, Czech, want to take R4 crown too

cze-teva-5-2016Michaela, a year ago, before your participation in the R6 World Rafting Championship Indonesia 2015, we were talking about your successes (Born with a paddle) that you have had during your career – and there you won bronze in the H2H, gold in the Downriver and gold in the Overall. Congratulations on that fantastic success and just one more in a series of achievements so far at World competitions. Before we move on to the questions related to the WRC R4 Al Ain 2016, tell me something about your impressions of Indonesia?

“WRC in Indonesia was very demanding both physically and mentally. Like other teams, we suffered severe stomach problems. The river was beautiful and changeable. We had incredible pleasure in the downriver, where we managed to overtake all the rafts of our group and even a raft from the first group. After the race we could not move and the minute of time difference was worth it.”

cze-6-2016What is the composition of the team for WRC R4 2016?

“We compete in the same composition as at our national races, only right back will be replaced by another lady who usually competes with the 2nd best national women’s team – Katerina Vacikova, Michaela Kratochvilova, Zuzana Valtrova, Lenka Bauerova and Hana Kankovska

Will you arrive early there to acclimatise and train before the competition?

“We would like to come little bit earlier and spend some tome in Dubai, both because of acclimatisation and to explore this famous city. After that we move to the location of the WRC 2016 to train as best as possible.”

Video – training for WRC 2016

cze-teva-3-2016Besides the girls from New Zealand, all the other big names will be there, who do you see as your biggest opponents?

“I think a lot of teams are very quickly moving forward and getting better year by year. Well, it’s really difficult to say who is the biggest opponents, because every discipline has usually a different winner :). But I should mention especially Japan, Brasil and Great Britain.”

This competition is all on the artificial course. There are plenty of excellent Czech artificial courses, where do you train?

“We train in our home town where we really miss wild water or artificial course, therefore we are forced to travel across the Czech Republic and train for example in Budweis, Prague, Trnavka or Roudnice, where there are very excellent courses.”

cze-teva-2-2016So, what is it that you particularly want to see and experience in the UAE?

“Specifically to have a lot of fun and also fair play during the whole competition. Amongst other things also all the possible beauties which are on offer in the UAE :) “

Anyone you want to thank?

“We would like to thank Tomi Remont Prostejov and Omega in Olomouc

Always very good results from these girls. A new challenge is ahead, there is little time left before the start, competition is fierce, but it is nothing new for them, even more motivating. Czech Republic has representatives in all the division except one, and with the quality that they have shown in recent years, there is no doubt that they will return home with a large number of medals. Thank you Michaela for your time, we wish you a good stroke and a nice time in UAE.