Euro Cup 2016 winners

Another fantastic EC season is behind us, so let’s see how it all went, where we competed, how many teams participated, who was the best ….

EC Rialp, Spain

For EC 2016 we had 13 competitions in total, and the season began on 19 March this year, with a competition at Tacen in Slovenia, then followed by Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Georgia, SpainSlovakia, BiH, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy  and the last two again in the Czech Republic. 27 countries participated this year in the EC. I hope that the northern part of Europe takes a little more initiative and that in the coming years we will have some EC competitions there. So, let’s begin with an overview of raft categories and announce the winners.


2016 EC R4 Open Women

There were 7 R4 races: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Slovakia and 2 in Czech, in which 110 teams took a part – 84 men’s and 26 women’s, from 17 countries. The most successful races were Wildalpen (AUT) where 43 teams participated and EC Trnavka (CZE) where 32 teams participated.

There is no doubt that the focus for teams this year was on the R4, due to this year being an R4 for Euro and World Champs, but the number of teams growing from year to year is fantastic to see.

It was great to compete again in Croatia (Slunj) and Slovakia (Čunovo), but the freshest and most interesting was the new possibility in Spain (Rialp). The most difficult was undoubtedly the Downriver at Devil’s stream in the Czech Republic.

2016 EC R6 Open Men

In the men’s category the title of the best at the EC competition was won by Gimpex 1 (SLO), second place was Dajak Klub (BiH), while third place went to RT Wildalpen (AUT).

In the women’s competition the most points were collected by the girls from rafting team Troja (CZE), 2nd were the Rafting Ladies Wildalpen (AUT) and 3rd was Italy Open Women 2.

Congratulations to the winners.

Results: R4 WomenR4 men


ec-16-georgiaThere were 9 R6 EC races and they were in Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, BiH, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy and 2 in Czech. 105 teams participated, 78 men’s teams and 27 women’s teams from 27 countries.

This year, R6 team numbers were not that much lower than the R4 team numbers, only by 5. The big reason is that many countries are already determining which of their teams will be representing them next year at the WRC R6 2017 in Japan. This then gives the teams more time to raise funds, and more than enough time to get ready for this competition.

The most successful races were Borjomi, Georgia, where 35 teams participated and it was also the most interesting R6 EC of this year. And finally we closed out with a real party at the EC in Italy.

The highest score in this competition in the men’s category was collected by Gimpex 1 (SLO), 2nd was Hanace (CZE), and the third place went to TR Hiko (CZE).

ec-r6-owIn the women’s category it was Adventure Net (BUL) with top points, then Asociatia-Profesionala-de-Rafting-Outdoor Event (ROU) and 3rd was Azimut (RUS).


Results: R6 Men; R6 Women

Once again thank you to the organisers, competitors, sponsors and our dear Stan Hajek.

See you next season, folks!