Bozo D’ Água – Brasil’s Open Men’s Rafting Team

This is such a famous team that they do not need a special introduction. (Previous interview with them in Portuguese), and now we are interested in their departure to the WRC R4 2016 where they are the defending champions in the Open Men’s category.

Here they are in action at the R6 WRC in 2013:

This year Brazil’s Open Men’s team is in the following composition: Lucas (Coré, sou o treinador/trainer as well), Rafael (Keke), Genildo (Gê), Fabio (Fabinho) and Saulo (Queiroz).

bra-om-3Lucas answers some questions for us, and you can read it in their native Portuguese as well as English – we are multicultural after all!

Since you are the defending R4 World Champions in Open Men, what are your expectations in Al Ain?

“Sempre treinamos para alcançar o melhor resultado, acredito a disputa será acirrada, que as equipes devem estar treinando muito forte para o mundial,nós também estamos treinando forte para alcançar nosso objetivo que é o titulo.”

bra-om“We always train to achieve the best results, I believe the competition will be fierce, the teams should be training hard for the worlds as well, we are also training hard to achieve our goal which is the title.”

Will you be able to do some training on the track before the WRC?

“Nossa intenção é de chegar com alguns dias de antecedência, para termos um pouco mais de tempo para nos adaptarmos ao local e aos treinamentos.”

bozo“Our intention is to get there a few days in advance to have a little more time to adapt to the site and training.”

The battle for first place in Brazil was very difficult, who do you see now as your biggest opponents?

“A cada ano que passa aumenta ainda mais a disputa pelo primeiro lugar, muitas equipes vem crescendo muito, mas vamos em busca do primeiro lugar sempre.”

“Every year that passes further increases the competition for first place, many teams are growing a lot, but we always seek first place.”

bra-om-2And what do you think about it being held in the Emirates?

“Estamos muito animados com o local da competição, o local é muito bonito, tenho certeza que será um grande desafio e uma ótima experiência nos Emirados.”

“We are very excited about the competition venue, the place is very beautiful. I’m sure it will be a great challenge and a great experience in the UAE.”

Looking at this video – maybe this is why you are number 1? :D 

Good luck to you and your team Lucas!

You can follow them on their Facebook page bozodagua, or watch them in an interview.

We love these guys and can not wait to hang out with them again. As one of the favourites this is a team to watch. We wish them a good stroke and hope they enjoy the UAE.