GBR Master Men 2015

We wrote about these guys before they went to 2013 WRC in NZ and then again before the 2014 ERC in Slovakia, and here we are again chatting to Richard Procter before they head off to the WRC in Indonesia. I was lucky enough to meet with them this year and look forward to seeing them again. Those of you at the WRC can meet them there and watch them defend the colours of GBR in the Master’s Men’s category.

GBR MM2Richard, any change in the team’s composition in relation to New Zealand?

The team is pretty much the same compared to New Zealand: Paul Gray, Mark Steel, Keith Hampton, Lee Hopkins, Richard Procter, Anthony Pape, Paul Marchart, although one of the strongest members of the team, Chris will be unable to make the competition. Since New Zealand and particularly this year we have been working on power to weight ratios, so that will see team members move positions in the boat for the various disciplines.”

We look back at the season just finished in Europe, are you satisfied with the results? You were great in Italy! Do you have plans for next season?
“Italy was the high point of the year for us after our performance in the previous competition in Bosnia. In Bosnia a series of small errors made us miss out on a couple of medal places. We hope next year will be interesting as we are bringing new members into the squad and thus hope to compete more on the European circuit next year.”

Yes, you must. We are lucky to have the EC competitions, so I hope we see you at more of them.

GBR MM1My impression is that from year to year the competition in this Master’s category is intensifying and that this year the level will be at its highest. If the competition in NZ was hard, this WRC will be even harder – what are your tactics, and what are your goals in this competition?

“Our goals will be to place high in the individual disciplines hopefully giving us a good placing in the overall competition. There are 9 teams in the division at the moment so the competition will be pretty tough. Also not getting stuck on any rocks is also a top goal this year!”  :)

Richard, who do you see as the biggest competition?

“The Czechs are always very strong in competitions as are the Slovaks. We have met them a number of times in the European competitions. New Zealand, the current world champions, and Japan are also very strong teams. Equally home advantage may give Indonesia a strong performance. Although none of the teams can be underestimated.” That’s for certain.

GBR MMThe WRC is a great place to exchange tops, do you guys do that? Do you have extra T-shirts for those who want to exchange with you?

“Yes we are very happy to exchange and to add to the global love of rafting with the different international teams. Although getting some t-shirts that actually fit this time would be good”

Sponsors you’d like to thank?

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Thank you Richard for your time.

GBR is very lucky to have these guys representing her. They are one of the most active teams on social networks, promoting the sport and supporting colleagues, constantly improving their skills, giving their best in competitions, and besides all this they are real gentlemen. Thank you guys for a fantastic collaboration over the past years, it was a pleasure to hang out with you again this year, we wish you good stroke at WRC and see you next year.