Costa Rica Open Women are in Indonesia

Laura Delgado, Gabriela Rodríguez, Melida Barbee, Johana Arguello, Marianela Castro and Carol Vargas (captain) with Coach: Alexander Segura, represent Costa Rica this year at CRC OW2the WRC R6 in the Women’s Open category. They will, with the other 15 teams, fight for a title in the Sprint, H2H, Slalom, Downriver and Overall placement.

The best female rafting teams in the world are at this competition and these girls will cross their paddles with them. This is not an easy task at all. So, we decided to find out how they prepared for this competition.

CRC OWBecause of different work schedules and lifestyles they paddled together twice a week. The rest of the time everyone trained on their own. Marianela – you have not had the opportunity to compare your team against any of the competition before the WRC, so what have you based your plans on? – “We plan our preparation based on the characteristics of the river we are going to run and based on our strength as a team.” – Since training before a WRC tends to be exhausting, how do you relax after training? – “Stretching and practising relaxation activities. Also sharing as a team.”

What are your expectations for the WRC contests? “Our expectations are to represent the Costa Rican women with honour and pride. We expect to provide great competition to our rivals.”

CRC OW3Your favourite discipline? – “Our favourite discipline is Slalom. Since it is the one that requires all the skills to be precise, fast and strong at the same time. It is the best one for our team.”

Which country do you think will be your biggest competition? – “All of them are competition to us.”

What makes the WRC so beautiful? – “It’s a world event. It always involves the best paddlers from around the globe. We also get to visit the most amazing sceneries you could imagine in a raft with your friends you would trust with your life.”

CRC OW1Will you have time to stay after the show and enjoy in Indonesia? ”Unfortunately we cannot stay after the event. We are returning to our jobs and our busy lives. We are going to enjoy the time while we are here.”

What are your impressions so far? Have you had time to try some of their traditional dishes? “We arrived one day before the competition. So we have not had the opportunity to explore the cuisine yet. But we will for sure.”

We leave you now girls, because the competition is in progress and we do not want to bother you with more questions. We wish you a good stroke and thank you Marianela for the time you set aside to introduce your team to us.

You can follow them on their FB page: Seleccion-de-Rafting-Femenina-Costa-Rica-2015