Race Rules – C and D level event race classification

IRF smallest logoC-level competitions are the most common of all the IRF competitions. All the Euro Cup events and most other events fall into this category. D level events are ones that are closed to other countries – only the host country’s teams can compete at D-level events – and sometimes may not be run according to all the IRF Race Rules.

C-level events:

  1. Include any international raft race held according to the IRF Race Rules.
  2. The team members may be of any nationality, country of residence or sex.
  3. Teams don’ have to be nominated by their national rafting body (but it is highly recommended).
  4. A team carries the nationality of the majority of team members. In the event of no majority, the team captain decides on the nationality.
  5. Pre-events for World Rafting Championships fall in this category – however, teams must be members of their national federations and their federations must be up-to-date members of the IRF. In case the pre-event’s organizer sets any specific conditions in respect of participation of teams (limits on number of rafts per nation etc.), such conditions have to be made known early enough (at least 3 – 6 months in advance).

D-level competitions:-

  1. These are usually national raft races and are held as closely to the IRF Race Rules as possible. But sometimes in countries just starting rafting races it is hard to run all 4 disciplines and sometimes hard to follow all the race rules.
  2. Team members should all try to be members of their member federation.
  3. If the event is to be a National Selection, all teams must be given a fair chance to enter and win and the event must be run in a fair and credible manner.
  4. National raft races do not have to be run to IRF Race Rules, but it is highly recommended that they be, in order to ensure the high standard of racing in higher level competition.