Introducing some of the Youth teams …

Netherlands – Forward Motion, R4 Youth – Men

Team Forward Motion is a group of enthusiastic students with a love for outdoor activities and whitewater. In March 2012 it was decided to establish a rafting team. The reason they formed this team is to participate the National Championships rafting.

The enthusiasm grew because of some workouts and they decided to do some more competitions than the National Championships. One thing led to another and then you`re suddenly registered in the Youth WRC in the Czech Republic. Dutch open series #1 = First place youth; Dutch open series #2 = fourth place men R4 + R6. Full team list

Slovenia – Mrzla uoda, R4 Youth – Women

They are the only women’s team in Slovenia. They do not have real competition, because they cannot compare themselves to anyone else . In September the team got 3 new members. Full team list

Hungary – Kanyon Raft Juniors, R4 Youth – Men

The team members are flatwater competitors in Hungary as well as raft guides. They are the supply for the “old” Kanyon Raft team who won the WRC_DR in Bosnia. They have some good results from the Euro Cup as well. Full team list

Japan – IGARASHI COMBINE, R4 Youth – Men

Our team “IGARASHI COMBINE” belongs to NIIGATA University exploration club. Full team list

Russia – Altay-Raft, R4 Youth – Men

2011 World Champions in Youth League. Full team list

Turkey – TURKEY, R4 Youth – Men

In the 2012 Youth World Rafting Champs in Costa Rica the Turkish Youth Team was 3rd in both Sprint and H2H. Full team list