Is the Bulgarian women’s team the one to watch at this Euro Champs?

The female rafting team “Adventure Net”, that will represent Bulgaria at the Euro Rafting Champs in the Czech Rep, is very well known to their competitors in the Balkan region. But this season, “Adventure Net”, have had a break through with fantastic results at the Euro Cup events at which they have taken first place in all three of the events they have competed in. With only one event left in this series they are secure in claiming a first place overall in the Euro Cup 2012 in R6.

This team has been in the rafting scene since 2007 and has taken part in many competitions. Their progress is particularly noted from mid 2011 when team members finally crystallized, characterized by excellent team work, synchronization, an improved fitness and technique. Very friendly, always ready for a joke, the team comes to the Euro Champs with both feet on the ground.

As far as what they expect at the Euro Champs, where they practice, on what river, and where they now see themselves in relation to the others, we ask Emilia Begunova, captain of the team.

“For sure my expectations are not big, there will be a lot of teams better than us. Rather, we are curious about the difficulty of the river and the competition itself.”

Your persistence and hard work paid off this year more than ever. What is it that gave you wings for outstanding results?

“There is a lot of luck, and the team now is without changes for more than a year, and all of the girls are good.”

How do you prepare for a river like the Lipno? Does your country have a similar river for training?

“We have a good class 3 river and one section is class 4, we train there, we’ll see.”

Because there is a noticeable improvement in your slalom, which can be seen quite well in the Euro Cup this year, where do you practice slalom?

“On our river Struma which is a good and technical river.”

Will you come early to Czech Republic to prepare?

“No, which is a pity. Most of the girls will not be able to come earlier; we’ll come for the official training.”

Are qualifications for WRC 2013 in your country completed and so will your team be going to NZ?

“No, it is not, and I hope we succeed as it is my dream to go to NZ.”

Some girls work as your guides, do you think it an advantage for competitive rafting?

“From one side yes, from another no :) because during the season there is no time for training but they learn a lot of things.”

Well, certainly this is a team that will have something to show us in the future and that can certainly be counted on. We shall follow their progress, maturation of the team, and we wish them every success for the upcoming competition.

Written by Nada